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High-Engagement Blog Content

Killer articles and blog content designed to drive traffic and conversions. That’s what you get with our professional article writing services.

1800 Words…

That’s the average length of a #1 ranking article on Google. Do you have the time and talent to create articles of that depth and quality every single month? Well, we do.


93% of the most successful businesses are fully committed to content marketing.


74% of people want to learn about products through content versus paid ads.


Quality content earns over 400% more leads per $1k within 36 mo. than paid ad campaigns.


70% of small businesses lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

Engaging Content = Traffic Growth

Tapping into the full potential of Google and other search engines requires publishing in-depth, helpful content that engages your target market. If you don’t have a solid, consistent blogging strategy, you’re missing out on tens of thousands of visitors and untold bottom line revenue.

Most Article Writing Services Suck

Getting high-quality content from other article writing services, freelancers, or agencies can be a painful experience.

Cheap, non-native-English writers from “copy mills.”

Computer-generated copy that’s “cleaned up” with a quick edit.

Dry, boring content that reads like a term paper.

Different writers every time – mismatched tone & personality.

Inconsistent, unpredictable pricing.

Poor or non-existent communication and late delivery of final work.

We’re Different

We don’t write just for the sake of publishing articles. Brands who care about their image and their bottom line hire us to create winning content that fills their sales pipeline.

Well-researched articles written by real* professional copywriters.

Clear, concise copy that matches your brand’s tone and vision.

Engaging content that connects with & converts your target audience.

Articles with personality and pizazz – no dry or tedious content.

Content that’s written for people, not English teachers or search engines.

Constant communication & always on time with delivery of files.

*Lots of article writing services claim they use “copywriters” when they simply hire the cheapest writers they can find. Content Cheetah only hires writers through a manual headhunting recruitment process led by our lead copywriters.

Our Writing Process

We’re re-inventing the article writing service to be more personal, more flexible, and more like having an in-house writing team.

website cheetah step one

Listen & Learn

We take the time to learn about your brand, your target market, and your content goals.

website cheetah step two

Plan & Research

We research and outline your article and then send you the full outline for approval prior to writing.

website cheetah step three

write & deliver

We write, revise, and professionally edit your content and then deliver your finished files.

Clear & Simple Pricing

Getting professional articles and blog posts that engage, inform, and entertain your target market shouldn’t be complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our article writing services? If your question isn’t answered here, you can schedule a free strategy call.

Who is Content Cheetah's article writing service for?

Content Cheetah’s article writing service is perfect for you if you want to use written content to drive traffic, leads, and sales but you don’t have the time or talent to produce high-quality, engaging content week-in and week-out.

How much input will I have during this process?

Great question! We’re not going to lock you in a closet while we do this work for you. We’ll be in constant contact with you to makes sure that we understand your business, understand your goals, and are able to serve you best.

I love the idea of this, but I can't afford to have you create all of my content.

It’s cool – our article writing service isn’t all or nothing. Use us to fill in the gaps in your content schedule. Let’s say you want to publish 4 times a month but you can only hit 2-3 times consistently. Let us handle those 1-2 publishing opportunities you’re missing.

Can I re-purpose your article content and use it for other things like social media, podcasting, and video?

Absolutely. You’re free to do whatever you’d like with the content we create for you.

Who owns the content that I commission?

You do. We don’t make any ownership claims over the content we deliver to you.

What if I don't like the article you write for me?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don’t like something, we’ll change it. If we can’t make you happy, we’ll refund your money.

I enjoy writing and I'm afraid to let other people write for my site – it's supposed to be my personal work.

A lot of the most successful bloggers love writing, but they also know that there are certain topics and articles they *need* to publish for SEO and traffic purposes that they find tedious or boring. If you enjoy writing, then write the content you love to write and let us handle the content you’re not super passionate about but still needs to get published.